Challenges in your personal life? How to keep your real estate business on track.

Sooner or later, everyone faces challenges in their personal life that can have a detrimental influence of their business. Whether it’s a serious illness, death of a loved one, divorce or some other life trauma, what can you do to cope when your personal life is falling apart?

As a real estate professional, you’re expected to be the calm in the storm. When transactions start to fall apart, you’re the glue that holds the deal together. When the seller is screaming and the buyer is threatening to sue, you’re the one who is supposed to calm the explosive situation.

Challenges of a real estate agent
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In the Social Age, Don’t Advertise, Engage

Consumers are finding what they want easier, and learning how to avoid what they don’t want better. If your business is going to thrive, it is critical that you recognize this and adapt. – One of the best statements I’ve read…..

engage-banner-FINAL-2The advent of the internet heralded the start of sweeping changes to the way in which businesses interact with consumers.
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5 inexpensive ways to generate real estate leads

No budget for real estate prospecting?

Find quality leads on Twitter, Pinterest, Zillow for free

Are you paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your lead generation? If you would like to reduce your ad spend while increasing the number of high-quality leads that you generate, it’s much easier than you realize if you know where to look and what to do.

Real Estate Leads

Here are five simple steps you can take to achieve that goal:
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What Your Logo Says About Your Business

What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

Whether you’re starting a new business and need a logo designed from scratch or you’re considering a re-vamp to your existing logo, it’s important to consider what image your new logo will portray to your customers. Here some tips to help you develop a logo that works effectively for your business:


Get inside your customers heads

Try to put aside your own tastes and think about your target market. What are they looking for from your brand? What other brands are important to them? What will get them excited and what is likely to turn them off?
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Find Your Voice

internal-branding-researchThere’s no doubt about it: Real estate is all about relationships. Buyers and sellers want to work with professionals they like and trust. But how do you show prospects—especially those you’ve never met—that you’re worthy of their relationship?

A strong brand that captures your character and business is an excellent start.

Your brand should be about the person inside. It should be about what you’re made of that makes you unique. Your business image tells the world who you are.

But executing an effective brand requires much more than a new marketing tagline or a fresh wardrobe. While logos and personal appearance do factor into the equation, your brand won’t be meaningful unless you first have a clear understanding of yourself and your customers.
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Want to work with fun, engaging clients? Be fun and engaging

Would you like to attract more clients by having more fun in your business? Whether it’s partying, exercising or just doing something silly, a number of speakers at the recent Agent Reboot conference in New York City shared how they are attracting clients by having fun in their businesses.

Fun Real Estate Agents

According to the law of attraction, “We attract who we are.” If you want to work with fun, engaging clients, you need to be fun and engaging. It also means getting rid of the sourpuss, unfun clients who zap your time and energy. Here are some of the best ideas from Agent Reboot to help you get started.
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Why do so many companies get branding wrong?

Writer Steve McKee from Business Week gets it right!

Brand-300x237Of all the assets any company owns, its brand is the single most valuable.

A bold statement? Sure. But think about it: A brand is the only corporate asset that, managed properly, will never depreciate. Never depreciate. Those are magic words. Patents expire, software ages, buildings crumble, roofs leak, machines break, and trucks wear out. But a well-managed brand can increase in value year after year.

Despite this unique characteristic, branding has long been misunderstood. It seems soft and fuzzy. It’s often incorrectly defined. And (at least historically) it hasn’t been a hard, measurable internal metric like sales, market share, stock price, or price/earnings ratio that can be tracked on a spreadsheet or reported to the board. But neglecting a brand is both naive and shortsighted for any company.

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5 Ways to become a better Real Estate Negotiator

Real estate agents’ body language and speech can cost them business Real Estate Body Language

What does your body language say to clients when you negotiate? Are you confident and strong, or weak and ineffective? Your tone of voice, stance and a host of other unconscious physical signals reveal much more than you may realize.

If you want to become a more effective negotiator, paying attention to your body language is critical. A great place to begin is by making a video of your next listing presentation or offer negotiation. Here are some of the critical points to evaluate.

1. Did you keep your body language still?
Barbara Walters is one of the most effective interviewers ever. If you study her interviews carefully, you will notice that she keeps her body very still. This makes it easier for others to trust her. If you gesture when you talk, you will be more effective if you keep your hands and body still. This provides your clients with a sense that you are calm and in control. It’s also less intimidating. While it may be uncomfortable initially, this approach can definitely help you close more deals.
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