Blog Ideas that work for Real Estate Agents!

What blog ideas work?


One of the hardest things for agents seems to be, to come up with blog ideas. Once they have an idea they get excited and get it done but coming up with the ideas and scheduling the time seems to be hardest part.

Part of your Search Engine Optimization Plan for your website will be to let Google, Bing and Yahoo know that your website is updated regularly and is a current site.  There are millions upon millions of sites out there and it’s hard for Google, Bing and Yahoo to know what sites are actually live and working and which ones are dead.

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Blog ideas for Real Estate Agents


Here is a great list of Blog ideas to get started:

  • Use video as content
  • Create a weekly program where you do a video on a question
  • about real estate
  • Write about a local restaurant every week (tell the restaurant
  • too, they’ll be thrilled and perhaps tell customers!)
  • Comment on a local news story and include link
  • Share home improvement tips
  • Compare the cost of living in different parts of your town/city
  • (property tax, heat/hydro, price of home, etc)
  • Share your knowledge about the job market
  • Park and/or walking trail reviews (take photos)
  • Details about new developments (properties and shopping)
  • Upcoming events, shows, etc
  • Real estate hoaxes/scams
  • Do’s / Don’ts of buying an investment property
  • Offer staging tips
  • Explain property taxes
  • What you need to know about home inspections • Energy saving tips/ideas
  • Credit scores and how to fix it
  • Thoughts on mortgage rates
  • Home safety
  • Moving tips
  • Top 10’s (selling tips, buying tips, etc)

I know it hard but scheduling the time for even just one blog a week will help increase traffic to your site.

SEO for Real Estate

  1. What blogs have you done that are successful?
  2. What blogs have you done that gave you lots of comments?
  3. How often do you blog?
  4. Do you have a ghost writer?


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