Real Estate Agents are trying to sell without photos…really?

Real estate photography 101 – Tips to help you sell your homes faster

We are a visual society…that has been proven by the success of photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and the sudden and FAST success of Vine.

AND YET! There are agents that post properties for sale on MLS without photos. I’m confused by this.

No Photos for Real Estate No Photo Real Estate

Yes, it’s true that most clients selling their home don’t want to spend a $1000 for a photographer to come and take professional shots of their home. If you have this in your budget I was definitely get a photographer who specializes in real estate photos.  (Photographers that specialize in real estate is a growing field) But the reality is that most do not.

“According to research from the National Association of Realtors, 98% of home buyers who searched for a home online said photos were among the most useful features of real-estate websites.”  Photos make a HUGE difference.

Selling Real Estate With Photos

Since you are a real estate agent and not a professional photographer here are some tips to help you get the right photos you need to successfully sell your home.

Tips to help you with property photos:

  1. Look at an other real-estate agent or broker’s current listings and evaluate their property photos; especially the very high end home that had professional photographers. Check angles, rooms, quality…etc.
  2. Ask the questions…Do these photos make you want to visit the home? Are they what you want to see?  The two best selling photos are the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. How many photos should you post with each listing? One photo is too few and 30 is too many. The best would be 12-15 with a good mixture of outside and inside.
  4. Before you (the agent or a hired photographer) take a photos, ask the home owner to present a list of various shots that might be helpful. They know there home best and what it looks like during all times of the day
  5. Make sure you do the usual before taking photos – Create curb appeal; purge; clean; Bring in light; appeal to the senses and remove personal belongings.
  6. Camera’s are MUCH cheaper than you think and if you can’t have a professional at least invest in a camera.  Remember it’s for work so you can claim it on your taxes.

Until you have time to take a photography course and learn all the different parts of the high end camera…these will do fine.

Real Estate Camera Examples


* Important tip – Always watermark your photos.  Read our article on “Watermarking and how it can make your property go viral!”

What do you think?  Are you and agent that hires a photographer? Or do you take your own photos?

What advice do you have that will help other agents?

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